Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello! And welcome to a blog about a complete ameteur teaching herself how to cook (among other things)! I recently came up with the idea of blogging about my attempts and experiments with cooking because...

1. Everyone loves food
2. I come up with really weird stuff to serve to my husband as "dinner"
3. I'm usually pretty proud of what I come up with and want to show people

Thus, my cooking blog "First Attempts" was born!

A little background: I've been married to my husband, Doc, for about 6ish months now. While we were dating he would always tell me how one of the really important attributes he wanted his wife to possess was a love of cooking so she could make the family dinner a lot... When you're seriously dating someone and they tell you that they want their "future wife" to be good at cooking that's as good as saying, "You should probably learn to cook". Not that thats a bad thing... I mean, it was important to him that his future family spends a lot of quality time together. And if that means having to spend it around a pile of delicious food then so be it! I mean I've always been an okay cook, like I make top ramen for myself a lot. Following a recipe isn't really that hard, right? Right. It really helps that we received 3 cookbooks for our wedding, 1 for my birthday two months later, and 1 that Doc's sister, Laura, made for us recently (side note: Many of the recipes I use are from Laura's cookbook.) So, we're pretty stocked on cookbooks and recipes. Not only that but, in recent months, I've actually had the desire to cook. Crazy, I know.
I'm not sure if this will help anyone else on their pursuit of the big white hat or if anyone will simply find it entertaining, but without further ado, I give you: First Attempts.

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