Sunday, March 9, 2014

15 Things You Need To Make Anything You Want

My goal right now is to have my cupboards stocked with "everything I need to make anything I want at any time". This is, in fact, an achievable goal. Obviously, there will be time when you need to run to the store for some chicken or some other big ingredient, but I'm aiming for spices and other little ingredients that are always handy in any recipe. Therefore let me introduce:

Mikyn's List of Everything You Need To Make Anything You Want At Any Time! *List may vary depending on personal preferences

1. Flour
2. Sugar (wWhite and brown)
3. Salt and Pepper (Duh)
4. Normal baking ingredients (Baking powder, baking soda, vanilla)
5. Yeast (I just added this to my collection and now I'm all powerful!)
6. Corn things (corn starch, corn syrup, corn oil etc.)
7. Eggs
8. Butter (Duh, again)
Those are all the obvious basics. Now, we get to the tricky stuff
9. Limes (I can't tell you how many recipes call for limes/lime juice, especially when you make mexican food a lot)
10. Garlic (Again, TONS of recipes call for garlic, plus it's a great way to flavor almost any dish. I'm always stocked on garlic)
11. Onion (Either yellow or white are the best because they can go in almost anything and add a lot of flavor. Green are great too)
12. Cilantro (Probably the best herb EVER. We put it in everything)
13. Chicken broth or Chicken Stock (Always good to have on hand just in case. Bouillon cubes could work too)
14. Spice Rack - lemon pepper, curry powder, cumin, coriander, etc. (I have collected all my spices just by trying new recipes. It's great to experiment with different spices too)
And last but not least...
15. POTATOES!!!! (I love potatoes more than Doc sometimes, especially mashed with gravy, which is why he made them for me on V-day. But seriously, potatoes can be made so many different ways and I've even used them as a meat substitute - a sad substitute, but a substitute nonetheless)
I think it's worth it to stock up on things like this and even other, more random, ingredients because you never know when you'll need them. If I left anything out, please let me know.
Oh crap, I forgot #16 which is Top Ramen or Frozen Pizza because sometimes you just don't feel like cooking.

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